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Thin ledge stone veneer or commonly called "stacked stone" are trimmed pieces of natural or manufactured stone. Veneer or Stacked stone can be used outdoors to enhance the façade of a home or as an example showcase a barbecue island. Stone veneer is used indoors for a kitchen backsplash or to beautify an interior wall.
Typically stone products quarried and produced in the USA is not assembled into panels. Stone products quarried and produced from India and China are affixed together to form modular stone veneer panels. Each format has its advantages;
Panels allow for streamlined installation.
Loose stone allows for more precise and detailed work by masons.
We offer these stone materials in both formats. The panel veneers of natural stone ledger stepped panels and "L" ledger stepped panel corner for outside corners.
This section features Thin Ledge Veneer Stone, almost all of it made in the USA.