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Davis-Bacon or the California Labor Code - Prevailing Wage Exclusion and Obligation
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Material and Transport Quotes
This is a standard wage rate quotation and does not include the payment of premium wages/fringe benefits for employees required under Davis-Bacon or the California Labor Code. If customers project requires prevailing wage for hauling of materials, please submit all required information immediately in writing so we may provide a revised prevailing wage quotation sheet. Seller and seller's agents assumes no liability or obligation to make an independent determination as to the necessity of paying prevailing wages. If the above quotation is used for this project and Seller or seller's agents are hereafter determined to be a subcontractor subject to prevailing wage as a result of its deliveries, customer agrees to indemnify Seller and seller's agents for all additional payroll costs, penalties, and attorney fees arising out of it's failure to pay prevailing wages.
This bid does not include any unforeseen items.
Prevailing Wage Exclusion and Obligation